Long term rental

Long term rental

In every company car is really important work tool. Mostly companies using their own vehicles and in some cases even workers using their own cars, just because the work would be as productive as it can be. Unfortunately, not every time where is enough cars to change each other, if some of them get broken. Also, probably company shouldn’t waist its time on repairing cars and caring of them. Everyone should do the best they know. In case to solve all these issues we are offering long term rental.

What you will get if you choose long term rental?

  • new, from official suppliers in Lithuania bought cars;
  • compulsory Third Party Liability and CASCO insurance;
  • 24/7 car service on your way;
  • maintenance in official car services;
  • insured and non-insured car incident management;
  • new car in case the first one would be damaged.

Long term rental terms and conditions:

  • length of rent is from 1 month till 3 years;
  • deposit, which is equal the last 1 month cost.

Contact us by email info@autonuoma.com and we will suggest best decision for you.