Terms and conditions

Order a vehicle: Client can order specific car or minivan, just in case vehicle will be booked, we will suggest the other one, from the same class car. Minibuses an buses is ordered based on class. We can’t booked specific bus or minibus, only one of them from the same class.

Length of rent: Minimum rent length is 1 day. Minimum rent length with a driver – 1  hour. Minimum long term length is 1 month. Pick up and drop of times is agree separately with the client.

Price of rent: In price is included: VAT, KASKO and liability insurance, fixed millage, 24/7 help on your way, alternative car if necessary. Prices could be changed based on availability. If the price is already confirmed to the client, it couldn’t be changed. Average millage per day is 500 km. Additional 1 km cost 0,1 Eur. Millage could be changed based on customer needs.

Payment, deposit: Tenant should pay all the rental price until the date, witch is regulated in agreement. If vehicle is renting without driver, tenant should pay a deposit , which is 300 Eur.

Driver: Minimal age of the driver should be 21 years. Driving experience – 2 years. To add additional driver will not cost, but driver should match the conditions. We can rent a car with a driver as well.

Documents: In case to rent a car for natural person, he should propose to us: valid driver license.

Fuel: Vehicles are renting with full tank of fuel. Vehicle should be given back also with full tank of fuel, in other case client should pay 15 Eur fill up fee.

Additional equipment rental: We can rent GPS, coat for your child, cargo boxes as well. Also free WiFi can be turned on in vehicle.